Laser Cutting Illinois
Sheet metal undergoing laser cutting in Illinois

Streamline Your Manufacturing with Laser Cutting in Illinois

Engineering companies and manufacturing facilities are always looking for ways to increase output and streamline certain aspects of production. However, without the right tools and equipment, you need help from outside companies specializing in production and fabrication services. Companies like SMF Inc. offer various metal fabrication and assembly services, including laser cutting in Illinois! Get your company’s production on track with help from SMF.

How Can Laser Cutting Benefit Your Business?

Sheet metal cutting is a fairly common need for most manufacturing companies. Unfortunately, without cutting options like lasers, metal cutting can significantly slow production and risk accuracy errors. As such, your facility can greatly benefit from an investment in laser cutting services:

  • Clean & Accurate Cuts
    • Without lasers, metal cutting can be achieved with saw cutting, shears, and other similar tools. The issue remains that these manual tools aren’t as accurate and can leave rough edges where metal is cut. Conversely, lasers cut metal clean. And as most laser cutting is operated via computerized controls, every cut will be accurate to your specifications.
  • Greater Speed
    • Keeping up with client demand can be challenging, especially if you’re relying on traditional metal-cutting methods. Thankfully, laser cutting allows operators to cut through metal relatively quickly! Laser cutting Is the fastest metal cutting method, even compared to plasma and flame cutting. No matter the complexity of your cut, laser cutting can complete it within a minimal time.
  • Automation
    • Even with the speed and precision of a laser, the labor involved in metal cutting can still slow down the process and risk potential mistakes or errors. Although, if you count on the automation of laser cutting, you take the “human” element out of the metal cutting process. Automation helps reduce downtime between cuts and ensures every cut metal piece is as accurate and consistent as the last.

Further Aid Your Facility’s Production

Laser cutting in Illinois isn’t the only metal fabrication service engineers and manufacturers rely on. To this end, SMF Inc. employs welding, cutting, machining, and fabrication experts to offer highly specialized metal fabrication services that serve our clients’ every need. For example, our additional fabrication services include:

Metal fabricators working at facility in Illinois

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When your company lacks the proper equipment and experience for managing laser cutting in Illinois, you can count on SMF Inc. for all your metal cutting and fabrication needs. To learn more about our company and capabilities, contact us at 309-432-2586. SMF Inc. has two facilities in South Carolina and Illinois, serving clients throughout the United States.