Laser Cutting Springfield IL
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Does Your Facility Need Laser Cutting in Springfield IL?

Managing every aspect of production can be difficult for an engineering company or manufacturing facility. Sometimes, your company lacks the proper equipment and resources to produce or maintain certain fabrication and assembly aspects effectively. For example, laser cutting in Springfield IL requires experienced technicians and advanced machinery to complete. You can outsource much of this metal working to SMF Inc., your local, full-service metal fabrication company.

What Are Laser Cutting’s Advantages?

Unlike other, more traditional metal cutting methods, laser cutting ensures certain benefits and advantages that can streamline your production process. In fact, most manufacturers rely on laser cutting to meet consumer demands and ensure complete accuracy in the products being produced.

  • Smoothly Cut Edges – Shears and saw cutting, while effective, do not leave behind the cleanest edges. Traditional metal cutting often causes rough and jagged edges, creating a safety hazard for those handling the metal. Conversely, laser cutting uses heat to cut metal, meaning the edges of metal melt to create smooth edges.
  • Computerized Controls – Even our metal fabrication experts can make mistakes after too many cuts in a row! Thankfully, SMF can avoid mistakes in laser cutting with automation. Our laser cutting machines’ computerized controls allow for consistent, quick and accurate cuts, no matter the size or complexity of the part or product.
  • Faster Cuts – Besides the accuracy and consistency ensured by laser cutting automation, excellent cutting speed can also be achieved. Traditional metal-cutting methods are significantly slower. Even more effective cutting methods, like plasma or flame cutting, still aren’t as fast as laser cutting.
  • For All Material Types – Best of all, laser cutting supports a range of materials. No matter the part or product you’re trying to create, we can offer the fastest and most precise cuts for your chosen material. For example, laser cutting works great for aluminum, brass, stainless steel, titanium, copper, various plastics, and more!

How Else Can We Assist?

Laser cutting in Springfield IL is an essential service most engineering and manufacturing facilities need. However, laser cutting isn’t the only metal fabrication service you can allow SMF to manage! We employ experts across all metal fabrication fields, ensuring we can always offer our clients the broadest range of services. As a full-service metal fabrication company, our capabilities include:

A machine working to perform Laser Cutting in Springfield IL

Count on SMF

If your facility cannot implement proper laser cutting in Springfield IL, rely on the trained experts and advanced equipment of SMF Inc. To learn more about our company and capabilities, contact us today at 309-432-2586. SMF Inc. has two facilities in South Carolina and Illinois, serving clients throughout the United States.