Provide Clean Surfaces to Fabricated Parts with Blasting Services

SMF Inc. is dedicated to providing parts that are not only dimensionally precise but are also visually appealing. With our shot blast booths, rotary cabinet blasters, and tumbler machines, we are ready to provide a clean finish that is free of all corrosion and ready for finishing. We can shot blast even the largest of parts. Our manual shot blasting booth offers a 40′ long, 20′ wide, and 12′ tall capacity, along with the flexibility to handle parts of any shape.

The Types of Blasting We Offer

At SMF, we only utilize the most cost-effective, efficient and environmentally-friendly options for metal blasting. As such, our blasting process consists of shot blasting, rotary cabinet blasters and tumbler machines.

  • Shot Blasting – This blasting method propels abrasive media material (small steel balls) at metal surfaces with incredible force to remove existing coating and contaminants.
  • Rotary Cabinet Blasters – Parts are placed in a machine that rotates the material while it is blasted from multiple sides.
  • Tumbler Machines – Also called barreling machines, our tumbler machines combine energy from abrasive media and water to create fast vibrations that polish the surface of most metals.

Why Do You Need Blasting?

As already mentioned, blasting is an essential component of the metal fabrication process. Blasting either assist with the removal of specific contaminants or the preparation of metal for additional paint or coatings. Some of SMF’s most common applications for blasting include:

  • Removal of rust, paint, or sand
  • Surface prep before bonding
  • Removal of mold flash from plastic
  • Surface texturing
  • Edge profiling of cut metal components
  • Roughening metal surfaces

Discuss Your Next Fabrication Project

There’s no limit to the work SMF Inc. can do for our clients. As a full-service metal fabrication company, we delve deep into the numerous services surrounding part and product design, construction and manufacturing. In addition to blasting, SMF possesses capabilities focused on helping our clients receive the best possible end product. If you’d like to learn more about how SMF can assist with your latest metal fabrication project, contact us at 309-432-2586. SMF has Illinois and South Carolina facilities, serving clients throughout the United States.