Saw Cutting
Saw Cutting

Saw Cutting

Accurate Metal Cuts with Saw-Cutting Services

SMF Inc. starts several of our fabrication projects with a myriad of complex saw-cutting procedures. SMF’s 20″ diameter saw cutting capacity allows us to cut large pieces of material and large bundles. This helps with our consistent pursuit of operational and financial efficiency.

The Right Tools for the Job

Saw-cutting provides accurate cuts for specific metals or plastic materials of varying sizes among our additional metal cutting services. As such, SMF utilizes saw-cutting benefits such as:

  • Quick Turn-Around – Compared to plasma cutting and laser cutting, saw cutting is the fastest of our cutting processes. We often utilize our saw cutting capabilities for quick completion for projects requiring multiple minor cuts.
  • Bundle Cutting – To further reduce project completion speeds, our saw cutting tables can manage the cutting of large bundles of parts/materials. From bunches of pipes to stacks of metal bars, our cutting tables are up to the task.
  • Precise Measurements – While saw cutting can’t get as precise as laser cutting, it still provides incredibly accurate cuts. And accuracy is vital when minimizing material waste that sometimes results from metal cutting and fabrication.
  • Automation – Some of the saw cutting tables and machines we possess allow us to tackle jobs of large quantities with consistently cut and measured components. Our saw machines allow for automation of specific cuts, ensuring parts in your order are of the same quality and consistency.

Meeting the Fabrication Needs of Our Clients

Not only is saw cutting the only cutting process SMF Inc. offers, but it is a part of the more extensive metal fabrication services we provide. As a full-service metal fabricator, we assist with the design, construction, and mass production of any number of metal parts and components. We ensure the needs of our clients are always met with incredible speed and precision. To learn more about our services, contact us today at 309-432-2586. SMF has Illinois and South Carolina facilities, serving clients throughout the United States.