On-Site Assembly of Your Fabricated Components

With a focus and vision to be a one-stop shop and have the ability to meet all our customers’ needs in-house, SMF also offers assembly services. We can assemble fabricated components or add additional, off-the-shelf parts to the welded and machined fabrication we build. SMF consistently produces products that require us to assemble additional hardware, seals, axles, tanks, and many other components.

Features of Metal Assembly

Whether constructing intricate parts or piecing together large equipment, we utilize every feature of our metal fabrication facility to assemble your product design successfully. Metal assembly often includes such tasks as:

  • Welding – SMF’s ability to provide precise and high-quality welding is unmatched. Jobs either consist of robotic welding, where welding is automated to complete large quantities of products, or conventional welding, where our welding experts can attach any part, piece or component to each other.
  • Soldering – Our team utilizes soldering to create reliable and long-lasting connections if your component assembly uses electronic parts or wiring. Soldering is best for assemblies using delicate components or softer metals.
  • Mechanical Assembly – Unlike permanent connections, SMF implements mechanical assembly when constructing your fabricated components. Mechanical assembly consists of different fasteners like bolts, screws, nuts, hinges, etc.

The Metal Assembly Services You Require

If you’re creating a product prototype or looking to begin mass production of a unique metal assembly, you can count on SMF’s helpful assembly services. As full-service metal fabricators, we’re your one-stop shop for the design, production and assembly of your latest products. To learn more about our additional capabilities, contact us today at 309-432-2586. SMF has Illinois and South Carolina facilities, serving clients throughout the United States.