Custom Metal Fabrication
Laser cutting being performed during custom metal fabrication

Develop Precise Parts and Components Through Custom Metal Fabrication

Metal fabrication is an essential service for dozens of businesses and industries throughout the United States. However, companies sometimes require more precise and unique fabrication when crafting products for specific applications. Through custom metal fabrication, SMF Inc. can cater to the exact fabrication needs of our clients. Talk with the SMF team today to discuss your ideas for custom fabrication!

Why Choose Custom Fabrication?

Custom metal fabrication has some additional benefits over the standard fabrication process. Through custom fabrication, you can create a part, product or component that does exactly what you need, with maximum efficiency and the most flexibility. Here are some reasons why you might choose custom fabrication over standard:

  • Quick Turn-Around
    • During standard fabrication procedures, fabricators produce parts in a manner that’s most convenient. However, the completion of your components can be fast-tracked through the use of multiple fabrication processes. Thankfully, custom fabrication takes this into mind. SMF will prioritize whatever fabrication methods are best for producing your products in the quickest, most efficient manner.
  • Precise Designs
    • Standard metal fabrication is best for producing uniform metal components that don’t require precise designs. Conversely, custom metal fabrication makes part design an essential part of the process. Working with SMF’s team, our fabrication expertise allows clients a higher level of design standards than what you can achieve through standard fabrication. There’s nothing “stock” about metal products crafted by SMF.
  • High Levels of Compatibility
    • The design standard of custom metal fabrication lends to the accuracy and effectiveness of the metal products you receive. Standard fabrication takes advantage of “cookie-cutter” templates and designs that best fit with other parts and components. However, “close” isn’t always close enough! Custom fabrication guarantees that your parts are measured to fit seamlessly with other parts or systems.

How We Help

SMF Inc. specializes in custom metal fabrication, supplying industries nationwide with high-quality, expertly crafted metal parts, tools and structures. To meet the needs of our clients, we manage the fabrication of steel, aluminum, copper and more with the most relevant fabrication capabilities. Such capabilities include:

A fabricator welding a pipe together during Custom Metal Fabrication

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When your company needs the best, most precisely designed metal components, rely on custom metal fabrication from the experts at SMF Inc. To learn more about our services and capabilities, contact us today at 309-432-2586. SMF is headquartered in Illinois, serving clients throughout the United States.