Steel Fabrication
A sheet of steel, getting ready for steel fabrication

Product Design and Production Made Possible Through Steel Fabrication

Bringing your product or structure designs to life requires assistance from design and manufacturing experts. More likely than not, you’ll also require steel fabrication services to ensure your product utilizes durable and long-lasting parts and components. Thus, finding an expert metal fabricator is essential to successfully designing and producing your proposed product. For detailed designs and high-quality fabrication, SMF Inc. has the experience and capabilities necessary for meeting clients’ needs.

What Can We Create?

There’s no limit to the metal products SMF can produce for your business. We’ve worked with dozens of industries throughout the U.S. to provide products of varying sizes and designs, each crafted for unique applications. As such, we’ve developed machine parts and components for:

  • Construction – From the blots that hold parts together to the I-beams that support a structure, we produce the tools and parts necessary for residential and commercial construction. Due to the construction industry’s need for highly durable and long-lasting products, contractors often rely on the expertise of metal fabricators like SMF.
  • Manufacturing – The machines, systems, and tools used in factories, warehouses or manufacturing facilities are all designed and supplied by metal fabricators. Steel fabrication, in particular, lends to the efficiency and longevity of most industrial metal products. SMF has experience producing metal platforms, machine components, industrial walkways, and more.
  • Energy/Utilities – The upkeep of infrastructure is crucial for municipalities. Thus, when it comes to crafting high-quality components to support a city’s energy, sewage and other utility systems, city managers rely on metal fabricators. SMF has helped produce components as precise as wires or screws to as significant as pipelines or turbines.
  • Other Industries – No matter your industry, there’s likely some part, product or component in use thanks to metal fabrication. As such, we’ve developed metal products for various industries such as medical, transportation, mining, commercial, automotive, aerospace, and more.

Our Metal Fabrication Processes

Metal fabrication encompasses many processes and capabilities to transform raw materials into usable products. Our team of expert fabricators can bend, cut, weld, and more for most metal types using our wide range of tools and expertise. SMF’s primary fabrication capabilities include:

Laser cutting, an important part of steel fabrication

Talk with Our Team

Steel fabrication is essential to the operation and success of hundreds of businesses across the country. If your company requires the services of an expert metal fabricator, look no further than the professionals at SMF Inc. To learn more about our services and capabilities, contact us today at 309-432-2586. SMF is headquartered in Illinois, serving clients throughout the United States.