Part Assembly
Metal fabricators performing part assembly during the metal fabrication process

Completing the Fabrication Process with Part Assembly

For many metal fabricators, the design and manufacturing of individual metal components are as far as they take clients’ products. However, creating a machine, system, or component takes more than one part to function correctly. Thus, part assembly becomes a crucial aspect of the metal fabrication process. And as full-service metal fabricators, SMF Inc. can provide our clients with the necessary services for quick and efficient part assembly.

Different Types of Assembly

Depending on your company’s needs, SMF can supply several types of part assembly that best suit the result of your product. Whether we fasten parts together using additional components or fuse metal to metal, our part assemblies include:

  • Partial Assembly – Partial assembly might be best for products that only require a few metal components. SMF will produce the components you require for your final product. However, we will leave parts ready to put together, allowing for the final product assembly to occur “in-house” for the client.
  • Rivet Assembly – Rivets are bolt-like fasteners used to secure metal parts in position. Rivets are often utilized to permanently assemble a product, allowing parts to fit into any desired position. Clients choose rivet assembly due to its speed and affordability. Otherwise, if you have the time and budget, other more effective part assembly methods exist.
  • Welding – Any metal component can be fused to another through the welding process. SMF utilizes robotic welding for projects requiring fast turn-arounds and consistent connections. However, our expert metal fabricators will individually weld parts together for more unique part application projects.
  • Soldering – While similar to welding, soldering is for precise parts and electric connections. We can successfully implement electronic components utilizing soldering to connect wires, delicate components, and softer metals.
  • Mechanical Assembly – If your parts need to move freely while still maintaining connections with other parts and components, SMF implements mechanical assembly. Mechanical assembly utilizes hardware such as nuts, bolts and screws to fasten components to one another. This assembly process is best for combining parts with the intention that those parts may need replacing or adjusting in the future.

Our Other Fabrication Capabilities

Part assembly is only one portion of the metal fabrication process. SMF Inc. works diligently to provide all essential services for forming steel, iron, aluminum, copper and other raw metals into clients’ desired end-product. Thus, we implement numerous fabrication capabilities, such as:

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