Metal Fabrication Peoria IL
An operator using a milling machine during metal fabrication for Peoria IL

In Need of Metal Fabrication for Peoria IL? Trust SMF!

SMF Inc. delves into metal fabrication for commercial, industrial and structural products across all industries. As a full-service fabrication and machining company, we strive to meet the high-quality standards set by our clients. Thus, many companies rely on SMF’s skilled fabricators and extensive capabilities when needing metal fabrication for Peoria IL. Nearly four decades of service have led us to be trusted fabrication experts throughout Illinois.

How We Set Ourselves Apart

While you can select from hundreds of metal fabrication companies across the United States, few offer the same high-quality and service as SMF Inc. can. We strive to set ourselves apart by supplying our clients with high-quality products, quick deliveries, excellent customer service and a wide breadth of capabilities.

  • High-Quality
    • Unlike other metal fabricators who prefer high production rates instead of quality products, SMF strives to offer both. Regarding quality, we employ Six Sigma methodologies to maintain and improve our abilities. Additionally, we are constantly reviewing our processes for continuous improvement. Our team inspects every product before delivery, ensuring there are no mistakes or defects in final production.
  • Quick Deliveries
    • When you have deadlines for project completion, you expect those deadlines to be met. Thankfully, SMF understands this better than anyone. We rely on company-owned trucks for local deliveries throughout Illinois or South Carolina to get your products out on time. We work with local shipping companies everywhere throughout the United States to secure the quickest and most affordable freight delivery possible.
  • Excellent Customer Service
    • It can be frustrating when communication between you and your metal fabrication company falls apart. Lapses in communication can result in a final product that doesn’t meet your specifications. Thus, SMF focuses on prompt, clear, honest communication with all our clients. As a multi-location company with a full-service support team, we are proud to have a customer-oriented corporate strategy.

Our Extensive Capabilities

Finally, SMF Inc. strives to differentiate itself by offering the most crucial metalworking capabilities. Whether you require precise cuts, part assembly, or large-scale production, we can meet the needs of your industry. For metal fabrication for Peoria IL, our capabilities include:

Metalworker sawcutting metal during Metal Fabrication for Peoria IL

Give Us a Call

SMF Inc. will work diligently to supply you with the high-quality custom parts and products you require, no matter your project size, the complexity of components, or your desired timeline. If you need the best metal fabrication for Peoria IL, and throughout the state, give SMF Inc. a call today! You can contact us at 309-432-2586. SMF is headquartered in Illinois, serving clients throughout the United States.