Metal Cutting Illinois
A laser cutter is seen in use. SMF offers metal cutting in Illinois.

We Handle All Kinds Of Metal Cutting

If you need metal cutting in Illinois, you have lots of options. There is no one best way to do it, which is why at SMF, we offer several different types of quality cutting technologies. Laser cutting, plasma cutting and saw cutting all have their individual advantages and disadvantages. If you’re not sure which option is best in your circumstances, give us a call at 309-432-2586.

What Are the Advantages Of Saw Cutting?

Our 20” diameter saw cutting capacity lets us cut large pieces of metal – even in bundles. Our saw cutting tables are up for cutting large bundles, even metal bars. Are these benefits of saw cutting right for you?

  • Faster turn-around than other cutting methods: Saw cutting is the quickest of all our cutting processes.
  • Bundle cutting: This allows us to complete a job of cutting multiple pieces, such as stacks of metal bars or bundles of tubing, even faster.
  • Automation: We can complete jobs with precision and consistency.
  • Accuracy: While saw cutting is not as precise as laser cutting, it is still incredibly accurate.

What Are the Advantages Of Laser Cutting?

We have some of the largest laser cutting machines in the country. This allows us to tackle big jobs. We have a cutting capacity of 54’ long and 12’ wide. Our ability to accommodate larger pieces of metal means reduced setup time and completion of more pieces in a shorter time. This efficiency saves you time and money. A big advantage of laser cutting is its precision. We use exact calculations and computerized measuring technology to provide the most accurate cuts in the metal fabrication industry. Are these benefits of laser cutting right for you?

  • Accuracy: Computer-assisted setup assures the most precise and accurate cuts available from any technology that exists today. Regardless of how many pieces of metal we cut, each will meet your exact specifications.
  • Complexity: Our laser cutters can accurately produce even complicated shapes.
  • Less waste of metal and energy: Our larger laser allows us to maximize material usage.
  • Automation: The nature of this technology allows us to run jobs in a fraction of the time needed by other methods.

What Are the Benefits of Plasma Cutting?

Our 13’ by 12’ tables let us burn your parts to the highest quality possible. Plasma arc cutting uses very high temperatures to cut through metals. Are these benefits of plasma cutting right for you?

  • Plasma cutting can cut your thickest parts – thicker than a laser cutter can manage. We can cut sheets of metal, including carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminum, copper alloys and more – up to 1.5 inches thick.
  • Plasma cutting, while not quite as precise as laser cutting, is far more affordable. For jobs that do not require as much precision as laser cutting, plasma cutting offers savings.
  • Plasma cutting is safer and preferable for cutting reflective metals, such as copper.
A plasma cutter is seen in use. SMF offers metal cutting in Illinois.

Let’s Get To Work!

With the full range of services we offer at SMF, we want to be your one-stop metal fabrication shop. Contact us today at 309-432-2586. Headquartered in Illinois with another campus in South Carolina, we perform metal cutting in Illinois and throughout the United States.