Metal Cutting Chicago IL
A plasma cutter is seen in use. SMF performs metal cutting.

We Handle All Kinds Of Metal Cutting

Are you looking for a one-top metal shop to handle all your metal cutting in Chicago IL? Because no one metal-cutting method is right for all jobs, SMF offers a number of different options that include plasma cutting, laser cutting and saw cutting. Each option offers pros and cons, so to talk through the options, give us a call at 309-432-2586.

Saw Cutting: The Fastest Option For Cutting Metal

Our 20” diameter saw cutting capacity makes it possible for us to cut large pieces of metal – in fact, it can even accommodate bundles. Cutting through bundles of metal bars is no problem. Consider these advantages of saw cutting:

  • Speed: Of all our cutting processes, saw cutting is the fastest, so it offers a quicker turn-around than any other cutting method.
  • Bundle cutting: Our saws can accommodate an entire bundle at once, allowing us to complete a job, such as stacks of metal bars or bundles of tubing, even faster.
  • Automation: Using computer automation, once we’ve set up a job our saw completes it precisely.
  • Accuracy: While saw cutting cannot reach the incredible accuracy of laser cutting, it is still quite accurate, making it the best and most appropriate option for many jobs.

Laser Cutting: The Most Precise Of All Cutting Methods

We have some of the largest laser cutting machines in the country. This enhanced capacity allows us to tackle the largest jobs. We have a laser cutting capacity of 54’ long and 12’ wide. This allows us to accommodate larger pieces of metal at once, which means reduced setup time, greater efficiency and faster completions. One of the biggest advantages of laser cutting is its incredible precision. We use exact calculations and computerized measuring technology to provide you with the most accurate cuts in the metal fabrication industry. Consider these benefits of laser cutting:

  • Accuracy: Our computer-assisted setup assures you of the most precise and accurate cuts available from any technology that exists today. Regardless of how many pieces of metal included, each will meet your precise specifications.
  • Complexity: Laser cutting can accurately produce even complicated shapes – and does it far better than any other technology can.
  • Reduced waste of metal and energy: Our larger lasers are highly efficient and maximize material and energy usage.
  • Automation: This technology allows us to run jobs faster.

Plasma Cutting: More Affordable And Handles Thicker Metals

The 13’ by 12’ plasma cutting tables at SMF can burn your parts to the highest quality possible. Plasma arc cutting cuts through any metal using extremely high temperatures. Are these benefits of plasma cutting right for your project?

  • Plasma cutting is the right option when you have very thick parts. This technology can handle metal pieces that are much thicker than a laser cutter can manage, and it can cut them with ease. As a result, we can use this technology to divide sheets of metal, including carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminum, copper alloys and more – up to 1.5 inches thick.
  • While plasma cutting does not offer the incredible precision of laser cutting, it is far more affordable. For the many jobs that do not require as high a degree of precision as laser cutting, plasma cutting offers savings.
  • Plasma cutting is versatile and offers a safer option for cutting reflective metals, such as copper.
A laser cutter is seen in use. SMF performs metal cutting in Chicago IL.

Let’s Work Together!

At SMF, we offer a full range of metal fabrication services. We are ready to become your one-stop metal fabrication shop. Contact us today at 309-432-2586. Headquartered in Illinois with another campus in South Carolina, we perform metal cutting in Chicago IL and throughout the United States.