What Are The Types Of Metal Fabrication?

How Industries Depend On Metal Fabrication

You may not have given it a second thought, but do you know that modern life depends on metal fabrication? Your daily activities, your job, the house you live in and the car you drive are all made possible by metal fabrication.

A metal fabrication worker is seen. SMF is a one-stop metal shop.

What Is Metal Fabrication?

Human beings first began fabricating metal in a small way thousands of years ago, when they learned to create tools, weapons and decorative items using cast bronze in what we now call the Bronze Age. That was followed by the Iron Age. From casting metal in sand, we moved onto forging and blacksmithing. We owe much of our current technology to the initial discoveries of metal crafting developed by our ancient ancestors. Our methods may be advanced far beyond what our Bronze age forebears could have imagined, but the basic principles have not changed.

What Industries Does SMF Perform Metal Fabrication For?

At SMF, we are proud to work with a large variety of industries to provide the metal components they need, including:

  • Power Generation: We build many genset components, including bases, frames and skids.
  • Renewable Energy: We serve wind turbines with embedment rings, template rings, bearing plates and concrete forms.
  • Construction: Items including fabricated oil pans, crane mats, track frames and  undercarriages are a few of the pieces we produce.
  • Rail : We make frames and machined pieces for railway track construction and maintenance.
  • Mining: We have invested in specialized equipment that can handle the massive generator bases needed for electric drive haul trucks.
  • Pump & Compressor: SMF is proud to be one of the nation’s top metal fabricators for the pump and compressor industry.
  • Automation & Robotics: We serve some of the largest automotive, logistic and manufacturing companies in the world. Much of what we produce involves custom designs.
  • Oil and Gas: We supply metal fabrications to some of the world’s largest oil and gas organizations.
  • Agriculture: We supply top agriculture manufacturers with items including frames, bases, supports and weldments, Many more

What Types Of Metal Fabrication Does SMF Offer?

We create metal parts and products using a wide variety of metal fabrication processes. Some of the most common types we perform include:

High-tech metal fabrication is seen. SMF is a one-stop metal shop.
  • Welding: Our line of robotic welders are ideal for routine jobs. We also employ a staff of highly skilled welders who perform welding tasks including TIG, MIG, arc welding, spot-welding, laser welding and other types of welding.
  • Machining: We perform milling, turning, boring and drilling.
  • Cutting: We offer a variety of specialized cutting machinery, including plasma, laser and saw cutting.
  • Forming: We use press braking and roll forming to form and bend metals.
  • Powder coating: This protects the surfaces of your metal parts and components in a long-lasting, environmentally friendly and affordable way.
  • Assembly: We offer multiple options for assembly, including welding, soldering and mechanical assembly.
  • Blasting: This produces a clean finish free of corrosion or contamination.

Are You Ready To Begin Working With SMF?

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