What are the applications of metal fabrication?

The Importance Of Metal Fabrication In Modern Life

When it comes to your needs for quality metal fabrication, SMF has you covered. But what are the applications of metal fabrication? It’s the process of creating metal structures by using a variety of techniques to cut, bend and assemble. Whatever your needs for metal fabrication, you can trust SMF to provide them. Our well-trained crew and top-notch equipment on two campuses allows us to deliver the high-quality metal fabrication you’re looking for anywhere in the U.S. Give us a call at 309-432-2586 (Illinois) or 864-226-0470 (South Carolina).

An industrial wet missing process is pictured. What are the applications of metal fabrication? SMF does metal fabrication.

What Industries Depend On Metal Fabrication?

We work with a number of industries to provide the metal components they need, including:

  • Power Generation: One of SMF’s longest-served industries, we currently build a multitude of commercial genset components including bases, skids and frames.
  • Renewable Energy: We build hundreds of embedment rings, template rings, bearing plates and concrete forms each in the service of wind turbines.
  • Construction: We have supplied the construction industry for decades, with items like fabricated oil pans, crane mats, track frames and  undercarriages some of our most commonly supplied items.
  • Rail: We produce frames and machined weldments for equipment that carries out railway track construction and maintenance.
  • Mining: We can handle the massive generator bases for electric drive haul trucks, which are not only able to lift thousands of pounds but meet incredibly precise tolerances.
  • Pump & Compressor: SMF is one of the nation’s premier metal fabricators for the pump and compressor industry. Our parts are found in construction sites, chemical factories, quarries and more.
  • Automation & Robotics: We hellp meet the needs of the largest automotive, logistic and manufacturing companies in the world. Most of these involve custom designs and the collaboration of our engineering and operational teams.
  • Oil and Gas: We supply fabrications to the world’s biggest oil and gas organizations.
  • Agriculture: We supply agriculture manufacturers with frames, bases, supports and weldments, Many more

What Metal Fabrication Processes Does SMF Perform?

We have invested in some of the most advanced metal fabrication equipment, which allows us to handle the biggest jobs and to meet the tightest of tolerances. Some of fabrication processes we most commonly handle include:

A welder is seen at work. What are the applications of metal fabrication? SMF is a one-stop metal shop.
  • Welding: We offer both robotic and conventional welding performed by highly skilled welders who have mastered TIG, MIG, spot-welding and more.
  • Machining:We count milling, turning, drilling and boring among our most common metal fabrication services.
  • Cutting: We use laser, plasma and saw cutting, whichever is the best choice for your project.
  • Forming: We shape metal with our forming and bending services, using processes including press braking and roll forming.
  • Powder coating: This is a long-lasting, environmentally friendly and affordable way to help protect metal products.
  • Assembly: Our processes include welding, soldering and mechanical assembly.
  • Blasting: We send out products with a clean finish free of corrosion or other unwanted surface contamination.

For Quality Metal Fabrication, Call SMF Today!

What are the applications of metal fabrication? As a one-stop metal fabrication shop, SMF has them covered. So for custom metal fabrication or any other metal manufacturing needs, give us a call at 309-432-2586 (Illinois) or 864-226-0470 (South Carolina).