What is the purpose of powder coating?

Yes, We Offer Powder Coating

What is the purpose of powder coating? While it can make a metal piece more aesthetically pleasing, that is far from the only reason for this process. It also provides protection and does it in a way that’s far superior to painting.

What is the purpose of powder coating? A worker is seen working in a powder coating booth. SMF offers powder coating services.

What Is Powder Coating?

Powder coating is a finishing process widely used for coating metal with a protective layer. Highly resistant to chipping, scratching and wearing, it enhances the longevity of the items.

What Are The Benefits Of Powder Coating?

Treated metals are resistant to corrosion. The coating provides a robust barrier against moisture or other conditions that may cause corrosion or rust. The process can also improve the aesthetics of a piece. It’s available in a variety of colors and finishes, making it an appropriate finishing touch to consumer products.

Is Powder Coating Environmentally Friendly?

Powder coating is a toxic-free process that does not use harmful solvents or chemicals. The electromagnetic energy used to apply powder to parts means very little powder is wasted. This helps to conserve energy and materials.

How Is Powder Coating Done?

We first prepare the surface to be coating. It’s important to remove oils, dirt and any other contaminants. Sandblasting or chemical cleaning may be performed. Next, we spray electrostatically charged powder particles onto the desired surface using a sprayer. Finally, we heat the coated items in an industrial oven. This melts the powder and provides a smooth, hard finish.

SMF Can Coat Larger Jobs

Our 300’ flow-through-wash paint line and batch booths allow us to paint any parts our customers may require. For our larger projects, we utilize our 30’ long, 12’ wide and 10’ tall booth.

Why Should You Choose SMF For All Your Metal Manufacturing Needs?

At SMF, we are proud of our standards, our workmanship and our customer care. As trusted Tier One suppliers to Original Equipment Manufacturers and as a company with many Fortune 500 clients, we believe our high-quality work speaks for itself. We believe all our customers deserve our best efforts. Whether you represent a small business or a multinational corporation, we deliver the same quality and care.

We Care About Quality

What is the purpose of powder coating? Items are seen with fresh powder coating applied. SMF offers powder coating services.

We’ve made significant investments in the highly specialized equipment that allows us to handle metal work of all kinds and sizes. We also employ a staff of highly motivated and skilled professionals who take pride in the quality of their work. It’s this combination of quality equipment and skilled staff that allows us to deliver top-notch work to every customer every time.

Are You Ready To Work With SMF?

What is the  purpose of powder coating? SMF is a one-top metal shop and can fulfill all your needs for powder coating as well as complete machining needs. Give us a call at 309-432-2586 (Illinois) or 864-226-0470 (South Carolina).