Laser Cutting Charleston SC
Laser Cutting at SMF

SMF Offers the Highest-quality Laser Cutting in Charleston SC

If you’re looking for quality laser cutting in Charleston SC, turn to SMF. Our reputation and experience in metal manufacturing and our emphasis on service to our customers make us the obvious choice.

We’re experienced in providing precision laser cutting for almost any kind of metal.

With a cutting capacity of 54’ long and 12’ wide, our laser cutters can take on almost any project.

You Can Count On SMF’s Laser-cutting in Charleston SC.

Complicated jobs take less setup time, thanks to our extra-large laser cutter’s ability to accommodate larger pieces of metal. Our laser cutter’s advanced capabilities make it possible for us to cut more pieces in less time without compromising on quality.

Is Laser-cutting the Best Metal-cutting Option For Your Project?

If you’re looking for expert advice on what metal-cutting option would work best in your situation, we’re happy to discuss the possibilities. Our full-service fabrication and machining company offers multiple options, such as plasma cutting and saw cutting, in addition to laser cutting.

Here are some of the benefits of laser cutting:

  • Accuracy: Computer-assisted setup of our laser cuttings assures the most precise and accurate cuts of any technology available today.
  • Complexity: If you require complex cuts to produce a complicated shape, our laser cutters can produce them. Custom cuts are no problem
  • Reduced waste: Laser cutters maximize material usage, wasting less metal and energy.
  • Automation: The advanced technology and automation used by our laser cutters make it possible for us to run jobs in just a fraction of the time needed by other methods.

What Metals Can Lasers Cut?

Our laser cutters are both fast and precise and work on a variety of materials. Some of the possibilities include:

  • Aluminum
  • Brass
  • Stainless steel
  • Titanium
  • Copper
  • Other materials
Laser Cutting Charleston SC

Are You Ready To Get Started?

Let’s talk about the full range of services we offer at SMF, including laser cutting in Charleston SC and any other cutting and fabrication services you may need. Contact us today at 864-226-0470. Headquartered in Illinois, we serve clients throughout the United States.